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Your double terminated crystal point is rare and originated from Uruguay.  This is a natural crystal and no tools have been used on your gemstone.  


This is a double terminated crystal point which means that both the top and bottom of your stone come to a point.  Please remember when looking to bring a crystal like this home to you to work with, that due to its natural state, you will find nooks, bumps crannies and chips here and there as this is how the stone was when it was collected.  That's super important for healers especially, as some prefer the natural untouched nature of crystals to work with.

The center of this crystal has a cloudy phantom that you can see when you rotate it in the light.  I have hand wrapped this gem using a sterling silver wire and your gem measures 1.5 inches long by .5 inch wide. 

Uruguay Rare Double Terminated Crystal Point

Cord Necklace
  • Double terminated 

    • balance & breaking old patterns
    • working with negative to positive energies


    Phantom Crystal

    • growth and life changes while seeing perspective
    • help activate healing in individuals
    • connect with our spiritual guide
    • enhances mediation
    • accessing the Akashic Record

    Quartz Crystal

    • enlightening effect on all the Chakras
    • eliminate negative energy & restores positive
    • cleansing & raising energy
    • meditations
    • aids concentration
    • building psychic abilities