Tucked (well, stuffed actually) inside of this 2 inch by 2 inch zip bag, you will find natural pieces of Red Jasper. These are natural unpolished raw stones that can be used for crafting, jewelry making, candle crafts or any other craft project you can dream up. Your stones range in size from very tiny to larger pieces as you can see from the photos I've added.  There is about 1.5 oz in your bag.


I've seen some incredibly beautiful pendants made from glass made out of stones like these.  They are also very handy if you are making healing pouches as you can add as many as you would like and they are not heavy.


It's important to note that I sort these crystals by hand. They take time and TONS of coffee as they are small. Sometimes late at night when I'm working I will miss a stone or two. So you will probably find a chip or 2 that doesn't belong with yours. There's no big machines zipping these stones to you, there's just humans. :)

Red Jasper Bag of Tiny Crystals

    • Power and energy
    • Physical stamina
    • Passion
    • Courage
    • Calming energy during times of stress
    • Focus during times of life changes
    • Helps you remember your dreams
    • Protection from negative energy

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