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You can do this! You can defeat and overcome your personal obstacles and move forward in your life.  


This is a natural polished Red Jasper pendant that has an extremely smooth slick surface.  It's been cut so that the sides are faceted (meaning there are many sides for your fingers to enjoy). I've tried to take the photos so you can see how many different areas there are for you to explore. 


It's a rich deep earthy natural red with no dye used to achieve this colour and feels very silky smooth against the skin.   This crystal has lighter earthy shades of earthy reds that are mixed with creamy browns and grays with a hint of black every now and then. It's got a lot of patterns.


There is a single drill hole in the top and you can choose when you order (leave me a note) the length of cord you would like me to add.  Your stone measures just under 1 inch wide across and almost 1 1/4 inches tall.   When you turn it on the side, it's almost 1/2 wide as well.  

Red Jasper Pendant for Motivation and Strength

SKU: 338RJ
C$20.00 Regular Price
C$18.00Sale Price
Length of Cord
    • Power and energy
    • Physical stamina
    • Passion
    • Courage
    • Calming energy during times of stress
    • Focus during times of life changes
    • Helps you remember your dreams
    • Protection from negative energy