Letting go of anger and stress can be difficult at times.


These three crystals have been chosen to be your companion on your quest to help block negative vibes, release stress and tension and move in a more positive direction in your life.  Carry one or all of them with you and combine them with your personal goals and intentions to alter that path of thinking.  


You will receive the exact stones you see in the photos.


Aquamarine (1 inch).  Attract peaceful energy and banish those fears and worries.  Embrace harmony and let your stress wash away from you.  This crystal is polished but it has interesting nooks and crannies that give it a rough texture in areas.


Amazonite (under 1 inch) for releasing anxiety and fears.  It can help you to open your mind and heart to allowing calm energy to flow over you and know you have strength to let go and move forward.


Snowflake Obsidian (1 inch) for releasing tension and knowing you are strong and can begin a new path.  Gently say goodbye to situations that cause you the to feel stress.  Feel courage and hope instead.


Your crystals will arrive in a cotton pouch with an information card. 

Release Anger and Stress Crystal Set


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