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Soothe your nerves and feel calm.

Open your heart to gentle healing.

Let go of the past and move in a new direction.


This is a beautifully polished Rose Quartz crystal that has a stunning shimmer and shine to it as it's been treated with Titanium.  Hold it in the light and you will see rainbow hues that really catch the eye.  It is super smooth to have against the skin.  The back of your gemstone is flat so it will rest directly against your body as you are wearing this. 


Your crystal measures 1 1/4 inches tall by just over 1/2 inch wide. I have carefully hand wrapped your pendant using sterling silver wire.  

Rose Quartz Titanium Crystal

    • love
    • friendship
    • healing of the heart
    • passion 
    • soothing calming energy
    • gentle healing of the heart
    • good sleep and dreams

    Titanium quartz is heat treated with Titanium which creates a beautiful rainbow type multi coloured reflection.  It can help to strengthen the healing powers of your crystal and amplifies its energies.