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There are times that everyone needs a little crystal healing when it comes to relaxation and calming energy. Rutile Quartz crystals are helpful for when you need a companion to help you get through the rough times when anxiety and thoughts make you struggle with calming your mind. This type of gemstone can help you with your intentions for calmness and help you to focus on letting go of those busy thoughts as you try to relax.


Your crystal is intense! You can see the golden fibers that are inside of your stone in many of the photos. They are vibrant! Dashed with darker and black areas, this is a unique crystal indeed! These darker areas have a bumpy texture where the back is smooth and silky feeling. I've added a picture of the back so that you can see the milky cloudy look it has - what a contrast to the other side!!


It's been hand wrapped using sterling silver wire. Your crystal measures 1 1/4 inches tall by just under 3/4 inch wide.

Rutile Quartz Calming Crystal

SKU: 303RU
C$48.00 Regular Price
C$43.20Sale Price
    • Calming energy
    • Promotes healthy sleep
    • Self healing powers
    • Lifting depression
    • Letting go of past hurts
    • Enhancing telepathic and clairvoyance skills
    • Dealing with life changes
    • Connection to guardian angels