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Your pendant is a natural raw unpolished piece of Sacred Super Seven crystal. It's a mix of seven different minerals all packed together in one gemstone with a lot of helpful healing properties. 


I have hand wrapped your stone using sterling silver wire and it measures 1.5 inches long by 1 inch wide.   So let's talk about this stone for a minute.  First, where it came from as there's a lot of debate over this type of crystal.  I found my supply of super seven stones at a reputable crystal dealer here in Ontario who worked directly with a source in Brazil.  They came, (dirt included!) through my source and then straight to me.  I have cleaned them up before wrapping but I'm sure you will still find some of the natural earth in nooks and crannies here and there.


Your pendant has a dark earthy purple crystal face that you can see in the photos.  It's going in an upward direction.  When you angle the stone you can see this triangular area right near the top right of the crystal.  Moving around the stone you will find other smooth areas and deeper grays and a curved area that looks like an almost horizontal crystal.  There are smoky grays touched with rust earth areas and even speckles in the translucent area of the stone. I've tried to add a lot of images so you can really see what this super seven crystal looks like.


Working with this type of crystal is a journey. I have had clients over the years say they have benefited from them greatly, while others don't attune to its energy or find that it's too powerful to use for long periods of time.  Please, do some soul searching and if this crystal calls to you? Follow your instincts.  Becuase of the higher price of this pendant, please feel free to contact me for more photos and images if you wish to see more. I will be happy to work with you.

Sacred Seven Super 7 Natural Crystal Healing

Cord Necklace
  • This stone is a fusion 7 healing minerals which are all present in the crystal. It is one of the few stones that retain their energy and clarity and never needs cleansing or energizing.


    • Amethyst – Purple
    • Cacoxenite- Golden coloured
    • Goethite – Iron bearing oxide mineral
    • Lepidocrocite - Red brown coloured mineral
    • Clear Quartz – Clear or white
    • Rutile – Black or reddish brown or golden yellow
    • Smoky Quartz – Golden browns

    Healing Properties

    • powerful healing crystal
    • helps to harmonize all your Chakra
    • helps you to feel more at home with your own self
    • peaceful and loving energy
    • helps you to know yourself and your path so you can act rather than react to life's problems
    • enhancing all types of psychic skills
    • represents all elements (or Akasha which is the combination of Earth, Air, Fire and Water)