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Your school and study crystal gem kit contains the exact four large polished stones that you see in the photos.  These were chosen specifically to help you to get through difficult times when you need to study and focus.  


The geode in your kit has been beautifully polished on the back to a silky smooth finish as well as on the front.  The crystals inside are natural and raw and really sparkle in the light.  Everything comes carefully packaged together with an information card in a small cloth bag. 


Geode (over 1 1/4 inch long) to help you to think more clear and make better decisions. Center your energy so you can concentrate and problems you are facing.


Fluorite (3/4 inch) helps you to stay focused and self disciplined. You can stay on task and listen to your inner voice and be successful.


Hematite (1 1/2 inch) grounds your energy to keep you calm and centered with you need to be focused on stay on task.  Boosts your self confidence and know you can do what you set out to achieve to do.  Keep negative energies away from you.


Carnelian (over 1 inch) helps to give you an energy boost when you are feeling emotionally worn down. You have the confidence to get over obstacles in front of you.


Amazonite (almost 1 1/2 inch) keeps you calm in the face of challenges.  You can communicate your thoughts into words and be successful.  Be strong.  You can think clearly.

School, Study, Concentration Set