This is a very nice light polished Sodalite crystal. It measures 3/4 inch tall.  The colour is a rich blue that has a few small tiny white areas.  You can give this type of crystal to your pet if they are dealing with life transitions or stress.  It can help to calm those moods down. 


I have carefully wrapped this crystal with silver plate wire that has a copper inner core.  After a time, the copper will show more as this type of jewelry often gets damp near water bowls and if your pet enjoys swimming or bathing. It will come ready to clip to your pet's collar with a small and medium sized ring.  If you like this crystal, you can order it for yourself too.

Sodalite Tiny Healing Crystal

C$20.00 Regular Price
C$18.00Sale Price
Rings or Cord Necklace?
    • gentle healing waves
    • calming emotional pets
    • helps pets to feel settled in times of stress
    • dealing with life changes
    • getting through the weaning process

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