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Be strong! 

Be powerful and know the path you are set to walk upon.


If you are looking for powerful strength to partner with you to help you along a new venture in your life, or even with your current situations? Tektite may be helpful to you.  You can let go of that which you no longer need and embrace the future with a positive attitude. 


Your natural raw Tektite measures 1 1/2 inches long by 1 inch wide and has a very interesting cup shaped feature in the back.  If your fingers are small enough, they will fit right inside this groove.  The front is an interesting rough texture. 


I have hand wrapped your stone with silver plate wire that has a copper inner core.  If you wear this pendant 24/7 and you shower with it, it will tarnish quicker and you will see the copper patina peeking through the silver wire.  


This is a natural Tektite . Tektites are formed when meteors impact our earth. The pressure and heat produced in the impact actually melt the surrounding rocks and minerals in the earth’s crust. These fragments get flung back into the air and as they descend, they cool into glassy rocks. Perhaps there are pieces of outer space (a section of a distant planet, the moon or a passing asteroid) combined in your stone.


Some say that this stone helps to connect with healing energies from the guardians of the Pleides (a group of stars within the Taurus constellation).  In ancient times, this stone was associated with the Gods of thunder and lightening (Thor – Viking culture and Jove - Roman culture.) It is an otherworldly stone and also linked to extraterrestrial force

Tektite Meteor Crystal Pendant

SKU: NC211
C$39.00 Regular Price
C$35.10Sale Price
Cord Necklace
    • strength
    • power
    • wealth 
    • abundance
    • good luck
    • helps you to examine situations and find the good and bad
    • release stressful situations
    • finding a new path to travel in life
    • letting go of things you no longer need in life
    • balance of male/female energies in your personality