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Directly on the top of your crystal, there is a secondary *bridge* crystal that you can see. It has a section that comes right out the top of your gemstone and the point travels down the side. This section has the golden area and it is quite beautiful in the sunlight as you turn it in the light.  The top of the smaller secondary crystal is almost at the same height as the main crystal body.


This is a natural crystal and was collected in Tibet. The surface is very smooth and the interior of the stone is beautifully clear. Tibet crystals impart a very powerful OM vibration that you can connect with. They are very powerful healing crystals.  You can wear this crystal front or back as I've added a spiral to each side so that you could personally pick which side of the crystal you would like to have facing forward. 


I have hand wrapped your pendant with sterling silver wire.


The crystal measures just over 1 inch tall by over 1/2 inch wide.

Tibet Golden Healer Bridge Crystal Pendant

SKU: NC204
Cord Necklace
    • help you to attain and maintain contact with the spiritual worlds
    • powerful healing powers

    Bridge Crystals

    This type of crystal has another smaller crystal growing out of the larger one. 

    • helps you to speak your mind more clearly
    • connect your higher self to your ego
    • helps to "bridge" gaps and bring things together for you
    • can help you to communicate your ideas to others around you