Embrace your inner strength and know you can overcome the obstacles in front of you.  Face them with a positive attitude and knowledge you can achieve what you set out to do.


Your crystal dazzles in the sunlight and will certainly catch the eye of those around you as you wear it. The golden colours you see are natural and they are quite vibrant.  The banding is horizontal and runs all the way around your stone.  You'll see a variety of shades of golden brown mixed with darker almost black areas. 


This crystal has some weight to it and you will truly know you are wearing a crystal when wearing it.  


The surface of your pendant is extremely smooth to the touch and silky. Drilled stones are great to wear because they allow for maximum exposure to your body when using them for healing purposes.  


There is a single drill hole where I've slipped a 20 inch leather cord through so that you could wear it straight away that has a silver metal clasp.  Your crystal measures over 1 3/4 inches long by over 1/2 at the widest part.  

Tigers Eye Crystal for Confidence and Courage

SKU: 340TE
Length of Cord
    • Happiness & lifting depression
    • Helps to unblock creativity
    • Bravery in the face of life changes
    • Abundance, luck and money
    • Confidence
    • Courage
    • Success
    • Protection from negative energy & overpowering people
    • Protection from energy drain from those around you
    • Will power

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