Your pendant represents the 3 aspects of the Goddess:  The maiden, the mother and the crone. 


It also represents the moon cycles of full, waxing and waning. There is a very nice weight to your necklace.


This is a very rich looking Excelsior Pewter pendant which is double sided with darker grooved areas around the moon and crescent areas.  It measures 1.25 inches across and comes ready to wear on a 30 inch black corded necklace that easily slips over the head and is knotted on the back.

Triple Moon Goddess Crescent Pendant

  • These pendants have been given the name Excelsior because of the unsurpassed quality of their workmanship and materials. Each piece is handcrafted in the USA by Pepi  Pewter, fabulously detailed, and brought to a high polish.


    They each have a good weight to them and are crafted from the finest pewter - lead and nickel free.


    Here at Wicked Stones, we've been wearing these types of pendants over the years and have found that they stand up excellently to being worn 24/7 for very long periods of time. We've been overly delighted on how long they have lasted.

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