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Let your past fall hurts fall away.

Feel confident and safe as you move forward.

Feel joy and happiness in your life.


Watermelon Tourmaline is a great healer for past hear hurts when you are ready to let go of them.  Know that you are safe and strong and you can begin all over again and move past negative feelings and patterns.  This natural crystal is a mixture of darker shades and light blue and purple areas.  The back of your crystal really shows the intense beautiful colours.  


Your crystal measures just under 1 inch long by almost 3/4 inch wide and I've hand wrapped it using sterling silver wire. It will sit flat against the skin as you are wearing it and the front has a slight curve. 

    Watermelon Tourmaline Raw Crystal

    SKU: NC213
      • Heart Chakra
      • Fostering love and tenderness
      • Finding patience in times of stress
      • Alleviate depression and negative feelings
      • Dispel fears
      • Release old hurts and pain
      • Let go of the past
      • Embrace the future
      • Invite joy back into your life
      • Increase your sense of security
      • aids in sleep
      • connection to mother earth
      • root chakra balancing
      • powerful detoxifier and enhancer of immune system
      • powerful protection