You can be calm.
Inner strength can be yours
Find Joy and Peace
Connect with Earth Goddess energy


Balance your emotions and embrace positive change as you walk along your path with this sterling silver Goddess and crystal pendant.


Your necklace is hand crafted using a single turquoise bead that measures just over 1 inch tall. The full length with the charm is 2 inches long. The wire inside is a heavy sterling silver gauge wire. I've added a small double sided sterling goddess charm to dangle on the bottom. It can be worn facing either direction.


This is a beautiful companion to wear for your spiritual practices in connection with the Goddess as well working with all the moon cycle energies. It can also be a unique of a kind gift for someone working with green or earth energies.


Turquoise Earth Goddess Necklace

SKU: 331TG
C$58.00 Regular Price
C$52.20Sale Price
Length of Cord
  • Turqouise healing:  

    • Balancing emotional mood swings
    • Inner calming energy
    • Inspires happiness
    • Self expression
    • Creativity
    • Gentle healing to show you that happiness is waiting for you and is worth the wait
    • A stone of love and friendship
    • Empowerment

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