Chalcedony crystals and jewlery for balance, protection and creativity


Harmony ~ Peace ~ Positivity

Reflect back the negative energy coming towards you and embrace positive, healing gentle vibes.  Find balance and optimism.   Feel protected and creative.

Chalcedony crystals for self love and care by Wicked Stones

Chalcedony Metaphysical Properties

Chalcedony Healing

  • Self care and love of self

  • Eases self doubt

  • Inner reflection in a positive constructive way

  • Absorbs negative thoughts and feelings

  • Protection

  • Dissipates negative thoughts, emotions and bad dreams

  • Brings mind, body, spirit into harmony

  • Change negative thoughts to joy

  • Increase telepathy

Blue Chalcedony

  • Creativity

  • New ideas

  • Acceptance of new paths and situations

  • Listening to others

  • Speaking your mind clearly

  • Optimistic outlook on life

  • Very gentle healing

  • Spirituality

  • Calmness in stressful situations

  • Reflect curses back to sender

  • Protects you from negative energy

  • Water element

  • Moon energy

Chalcedony Crystals Available