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Request a Custom Kit

Over the years at Spiral Sun Herbals, we have worked with our amazing clients to create custom designed sets and kits with their exact needs in mind.    They can include a variety of items depending on your request and also with particular healing or spellcrafting intensions required.  You can reach out and we can make something specifically for you.   If you just want a surprise set? You can request that as well. 


We also create beginner mixed sets that offer a good variety of items.  If you require a particular set of herbs for a particular need and you are not sure? Reach out to use and we'll do our best to help out.  You can contact us using the chat *contact us* on the right hand side of the page at the bottom or send an email by clicking in the Get in Touch message area.

Request your Custom Kit

Custom ritual offering tins for spellcrafting by Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada
Custom witchcraft herbal and crystals custom made at Spiral Sun Herbals
Custom made witchcraft apothecary sets by Spiral Sun Herbals
Custom herbal order set for pagan witchcraft spellcrafting by Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada
Custom witchcraft mystery set made by Spiral Sun Herbals for beginner witchcraft witches.  Order yours today.
You can order a custom set of witchcraft spell herbs at Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada
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