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Pet Healing & Charms

Crystals and gemstones are a beautiful addition for your pet's collar.  Every single one of the charms in our gallery have been handmade right here in our shop. All crystals have been handpicked for their  high quality and beautiful features just for you or your pet.

We have field tested our charms and come up with a strong design meant to last when placed on your pet's collar properly.   Every crystal is unique and a one of a kind piece made with care and healing intent.  You can also add these charms to backpacks and bags as they come with a strong metal split ring.  If you prefer to wear them yourself, you could remove them from the ring and add them to your own chain. 

    Healing crystals for your cat or small pet.  Handmade in Canada by Wicked Stones.  Respect to Indy.

    Indy with her Jasper Charm

    Carnelian healing crystal for your cat or dog collar.  For energy and courage. Handmade in Canada by Wicked Stones.

    Maggie with her Carnelian Charm

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