Healing crystals for your cat or small pet.  Handmade in Canada by Wicked Stones.  Respect to Indy.
Crystal jewelry and pendants for your pet collar in Canada

Pet healing crystals are smaller crystals that can be attached to your pet's collar.  Each crystal comes with 2 sizes of jump rings so you can choose which one will fit better on your pet's collar.  If you decide you wish to wear one of the tinier crystals yourself from this gallery, just make a note that you'd like to have it on a necklace and we'll be glad to put that on a cord for you.

The wire used is silver plate with an inner core of copper.  



New crystals and jewelry coming to Wicked Stones soon

NOTE:  Like any charm you add to your pet's collar, active dogs that spend a lot of time running and chasing will have a quicker loss of the crystal.  We'd rather be very transparent of this fact so you are aware before purchasing.