Loose handmade incense from wildcrafted herbs for crystal cleanse of negative energy
Loose herb incense for cleansing crystals and sacred spaces by Wicked Stones

Beautiful hand made herbal incense blends

Crafted with love and healing energy.  
Available in 2 oz metal tins OR small sample bags of 2 teaspoons

Discover your blend of handmade incense.  They have multiple uses depending on your needs.  Use them to cleanse the negative energy and vibes from your crystals, your jewelry, the tools you use, any other items, as well as yourself and your working or sacred spaces.


These are loose incense blends for burning on charcoal or adding them to your healing pouches. We carry an array of different types of incense as well as sizes that are in beautiful gift tins and sample bags.  Choose the amount you would like to have.  


Many of the herbs are wildcrafted and carefully picked for sustainability in the wild and from our gardens. 

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