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Sample sized cleansing incense herbs for removing negative energy and vibes from crystals and gemstones. Handmade in Canada by Wicked Stones.

Sacred Space Loose Incense

Sample Bag - 2 Teaspoons


Cleanse negative energy from your crystals using handmade incense.  Organic herbs for ritual use and cleansing of energy. Handmade by Wicked Stones in Canada witchcraft shop
Loose herb incense for cleansing crystals and sacred spaces by Wicked Stones

Beautiful ~ Aromatic ~ Handmade Cleansing Incense


Discover your blend of handmade incense.  They have multiple uses depending on your needs.  Use them to cleanse the negative energy and vibes from your crystals, your jewelry, the tools you use, any other items, as well as yourself and your working or sacred spaces.


These are loose incense blends for burning on charcoal or adding them to your healing pouches.  Choose the amount you would like to have.  


Many of the herbs are wildcrafted and carefully picked for sustainability in the wild and from our gardens. 



What is it used for?

  • Removing negative energy from your healing crystals

  • Cleansing and removing negative energy from yourself

  • Cleansing your personal or sacred space (meditation or working space)

  • Cleansing your altar tools and working tools

  • Removing negative energy and vibes from any location you feel it is needed

  • Because you love incense and the amazing scents you will discover

  • It's a great gift for someone who loves working with healing crystals

What's in it? 
SACRED SPACE is a mixture of 8 beautiful herbs, many of which were wildcrafted and picked from our own gardens right here at Wicked Stones.  They were carefully chosen for the intentions of cleansing and then allowed to sit and blend together for six months before beginning to test how they smelled when burning.  It is a natural loose incense which has been hand blended.  With this in mind, you will find larger and smaller herbs.  A little goes a long way and it's best burned on charcoal blocks or used in the manner of your choosing.  Please store in a dry location and sealed properly to sustain the herbs.


For allergy and safety reasons here is the list of herbs used: 

  • blessed thistle

  • sage

  • sweet grass

  • yarrow

  • mullein

  • wormwood

  • sweet fern

  • rosemary


What does is smell like?  
It's got a very woodsy type scent with higher citrus tones. It grabs you gently and then falls into forest type scents that feel comforting..... It's fresh, like rebirth and change.

How do I use it?

The easiest way to work this blend is to use a charcoal block and have it heated before putting the herbs on top to burn.  It's important to be safe and use a fire proof dish for your heated charcoal.  On a personal note, I have used coconut charcoal and it has no smell when the block burns.   

After heating the charcoal, slowly sprinkle some of the herbs from your tin over the hot coal and allow the smoke to rise.  Move your items thru the smoke you wish to cleanse and visualize the negative energy leaving and your crystal being released of that which is no longer helpful.  It is similar to smudging an item, yourself or a space.  You will need to add more herbs as they burn out.   NOTE:  a little goes a long way. Stir your herbs gently so you pick a nice blend to use on your heated block.  


There is no right or wrong way - you can choose to use this cleansing blend in any way you normally work with.