Our new Website. Hi everyone

Well, it's been an interesting 20 year journey so far! Thanks to all of you who have been with us during this crazy ride. If you are interested in reading a bit about the history and how we got here? Continue on!

Wicked Stones at Minnow Lake Days

Wicked Stones started out way back in the late 1990's. It began as a group artisan website that I started building to help promote and sell the work of other artists across Canada and the States. It was doing pretty well. A lot of you my age know that the internet was kind of new back then so selling online was a lot different than it is today. (Some of you are chuckling if you've been with me over the decades if you remember me complaining about trying to get Microsoft Front Page to work with me and stop being a PITA!) That green tent was the first show tent I ever bought. It was a piece of $*#(&$(#&$. LOL. When it rained? It buckled the entire tent and you had to bail the roof. A hint for anyone wanting to do outdoor events? Look for a good quality show tent and invest the money. You will SO appreciate it.


Wicked Stones Show in the early days

That's me (over there to the right) sitting on the table just waiting for someone (ANYONE!) to come in to this little show I decided to participate in. I sat there a while LOL - had lots of coffee.

But that's how things grew. In the background of working with my Artisan site I started doing my own jewelry. It was pretty plain basic stuff. Nothing too fancy and honestly, my pieces back then were rustic. (Read between the lines - that probably means a bit rough around the edges). During that time I lucked out and picking up a lot of neat display items at business close outs that followed me over the years.


wicked stones getting rained on

I tried juggling several jobs for a while and then decided to go full time selling my jewelry. I graduated with a degree in Arts so it was the right path for me to follow. A tough one, but the right one. So off I went on this path.

And man, I got rained on a lot. I mean a LOT! Why does it always rain when you do outdoor shows? THAT IS a bailing bucket you see at my feet. I was bailing under my show tent. I actually rescued a flock of abandoned baby ducks during this event who were in the rushing water coming down the road. That weekend also had tents flying down the main street of Little Current but it was still awesome.


Wicked Stones at Haweater Weekend

Things progressed into the next decade and I met some awesome individuals who helped steer me in new directions. It became a lot of fun as I started going to a lot more shows and meeting more of you in person that I'd talked to online.

I think, by far, my most favorite outdoor event was always Haweater Weekend that's held on Manitoulin Island. We FINALLY got the whole show tent thing down perfectly during the years we attended this festival and short of the intense sunburn and tired feet we had from 2 days of vending? It holds the best memories for me. Plus this is where most of you found me. It's been a while since I've been there and I'm considering running this show again in the future. The best piece of advice I can give anyone who's looking to do this kind of thing is to invest in a good show tent. The tent you see in the photo here is from E-ZUP and they are 100% worth every single penny.


Moving along, I stopped doing outdoor events for a while due to health reasons and started focusing on the online sales more. I did the Ebay thing, the Facebook page thing, the Etsy shop, Bamboozle, Instagram and other websites. I did the Art Tours in Sudbury and sold through Science North, Tree of Life, and quite a few other healing shops in Southern Ontario and into the States. But I always retained selling through my main site.

So here we are now! I am in the process of moving all the stock from our old hosting company to the new one, so things may be a bit thin here for a bit longer.

Everyone who has been along with me on this journey? THANK YOU! I appreciate all your kind words, your help and your continual support as we've transitioned from one phase of our business to the next. I wish I could give coffee to each and every one of you! (or tea, or whatever!).



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