Sodalite healing property information and crystals


Feel confident - Make life Changes

Sodalite can help you to put aside your worries and have a clear head when making changes in your life.  Especially helpful for artists, writers and crafters, to help you to lower stress, while inviting inspiration to you.  Be confident and strong.

Sodalite healing gemstone crystals for self confidence, life changes.  Princess sodalite and brazil healing crystals and jewelry by Wicked Stones in Canada

Sodalite Metaphysical Properties

Sodalite Healing

  • helps you with creativity and inspiration (new ideas)

  • self confidence

  • loyalty

  • life changes (retirement, empty nest syndrome, etc) as it can help you move forward with the next part of your life

  • Peaceful energy

  • Focus during meditation and Yoga practices

  • Helps to calm over active minds and thoughts

Sodalite healing crystals for life transitions and new beginnings


  • Water

  • Air


  • 4


  • Throat


  • Sagitarious

Sodalite Crystals Available