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Feel confident - Make life Changes

Sodalite healing property information and crystals

Sodalite is an amazing crystal that can help to inspire self-confidence and courage when facing life changes. It can also be used to help with meditation and focus, or to help artists overcome creative blocks and find new inspiration. With Sodalite, you can transform your life and open up to new possibilities.

Our Sodalite healing crystals come from Ontario and Brazil.

Sodalite Metaphysical Properties

Sodalite Healing

  • Helps you with creativity and inspiration (new ideas)

  • Self confidence

  • Loyalty

  • Life changes (retirement, empty nest syndrome, etc) as it can help you move forward with the next part of your life

  • Peaceful energy

  • Focus during meditation and Yoga practices

  • Helps to calm over active minds and thoughts

Sodalite healing crystals for life transitions and new beginnings


  • Water

  • Air


  • 4


  • Throat


  • Sagitarious

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