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New Beginnings with Strength

Blue apatite healing crystals for overcoming problems and releasing habits.  Healing jewelry Wicked Stones.

Apatite Crystals can help you to find the power to release things that you no longer need in your life and create a sense of inner peace. It is a crystal of new beginnings and harmony.  You can be strong and stable as you make changes. 


It can be a powerful companion for artist's inspiration and helps you to be able to communicate your inner thoughts and feelings.  Increase your clairvoyant skills and learn to listen to your inner voice.     

More coming soon!
We are working on a new batch of Apatite.

Apatite Healing

  • Communicate your feelings & thoughts

  • Inspiration

  • Harmony

  • Overcoming problems

  • Strength

  • Clairvoyance

  • Meditation

  • New beginnings

  • Release of that which you no longer need

  • Peaceful energy


  • Air


  • Brow

  • Solar Plexus


  • Virgo


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