Blue apatite healing crystals for overcoming problems and releasing habits.  Healing jewelry Wicked Stones.


New Beginnings with Strength

Apatite is a powerful companion for those on a journey to overcome problems while releasing what you no longer need in your life.  You can be strong.  You can find harmony on your path and inspiration as you learn to communicate your inner thoughts.

Blue Apatite crystals for harmony and new beginnings. Rough natural blue apatite by Wicked Stones in Canada.

Apatite Healing Properties


  • Communicate your feelings & thoughts

  • Inspiration

  • Harmony

  • Overcoming problems

  • Strength

  • Clairvoyance

  • Meditation

  • New beginnings

  • Release of that which you no longer need

  • Peaceful energy


  • Virgo


  • 3


  • Air


  • Brow

  • Solar Plexus

Apatite Crystals Available