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Soothing and Calm

Blue howlite crystal pendant for dream work and calming negative moods.

Howlite is a very gentle healing crystal that helps to reduce stress, anxiety and negative energies. It encourages you to be peaceful, patient and calm as it helps to center your energy and increase your creativity and inspiration. It can also assist in dream working and give you the confidence to express yourself. Howlite is the perfect crystal to help you find balance and peace.

Howlite Metaphysical Properties


  • Calm negative emotions

  • Patience

  • Helps with stress

  • Dealing with anxiety

  • Working with dreams

  • Creativity

  • Memory

  • Helping you to express your emotions

  • Gentle healing energy

Howlite healing crystal for creativity and self expression by Wicked Stones in Canada


  • Gemini

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