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Quartz crystal points and gemstone directly of different types of healing stones

Our quartz crystals are perfect for those looking for positive energy and protection in their lives. Whether you are looking to make life changes, start a new beginning, gain strength and determination, or just looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry, our quartz crystals offer something for everyone. Choose from quartz jewelry, individual crystals, or crystal sets to find the perfect piece for your individual needs.

    Various Quartz Crystal Metaphysical Properties

    Abundance Crystals to attract wealth and good energy by wicked stones in canada

        Abundance Quartz

    • One long quartz with many small crystals tucked in around the base

    • Attract wealth

    • Attract abundance into your life

    • Abundance does not always mean financial gain.  Abundance is that which fills your life with you, happiness and good energy

    Etched crystal point jewelry and stones for accessing ancient widsom and relasing old patterns

        Etched Quartz

    • Meditation

    • Accessing ancient wisdom and knowledge from past lives

    • Attune for spiritual work

    • Reawakening healing skills

    • Releasing old patterns that no longer suit who you are now.

    • Recovery of emotional burdens and weight you have been carrying.

    Double terminated healing crystals for radiating and absorbing energy.  Crystals and jewelry.

        Double Terminated 

    • Radiates and absorbs energy at both ends to channel the energy in 2 directions at once

    • Balance

    • Breaking patterns that no longer serve you

    • Absorbs negative energy

    • Working with the 3rd eye for enhancing telepathy

    Faden crystal healing gemstone for self healing and harmony in life.

        Faden Quartz

    • A Faden Crystal has inclusions of white thread like fibres inside the stone.  These are found only in the fissures of metamorphic formations unlike other quartz crystals that from in pegmatite or in cavities of sedimentary rock

    • Self healing - these crystals have fractured during growing and unified itself

    • Strength to move forwards during and after trauma - regeneration

    • Protection during astral travel

    • Link to your higher self and healing

    • Healing broken trust in relationships

    • Learn to love yourself as who you are

    • Harmony

    • Bridges gaps during conflict for healing breaks

    • Long distance healing connection

    • Crown chakra

    Fairy Quartz Crystal jewelry and crystals.  Find harmony and peace.  Be creative.

        Fairy Quartz

    • Gentle Healing energy

    • Protection from negative energy

    • Transforms negative energy to positive

    • Harmony and peace

    • Healing and removing emotional pain from the past

    • Optimism in dealing with changes

    • Joy and happiness

    • Meditation

    • Increasing psychic abilities

    • Calming after nightmares

    • Builds creative energy

    Lemurian Seed Crystals by Wicked Stones in Canada.

        Lemurian Seed Quartz

    • Access to ancient grid energies and wisdom into the present

    • Work with angelic contact

    • Connecting with higher consciousness

    • Help you to discover your soul purpose

    • Enhancing your natural healing talents and gifts

    • Increase intuition

    • Chakra balance and clearing

    • Working with manifestation to teach you that all thoughts are creative and take on form.  Harness this energy with the right intent and self belief.

    • Manifest with clear thought

    Clear crystals from Peru Machu Picchu jewelry.  Powerful meditaiton crystal point jewlery by Wicked Stones

        Machu Picchu Peru Crystals

    • Helps you to connect with earth's grid energy

    • Absorbs negative energy

    • Releases positive vibes and energy

    • Increase concentration

    • Meditation focus 

    • Increase intuition

    Maya Messenger Vera Cruz rare crystals and jewlery.  HIgh vibration healing crystal point jewelry by Wicked Stones.

        Maya Messenger Vera Cruz 

    • Very high vibrations

    • Works with the etheric blueprint and subtle DNA to bring about profound interdimensional cellular healing

    • Purification on a spiritual level

    • Removes imprints and attachments of all kinds

    • Protection during out-of-body experiences & astral travel

    • Powerful meditation crystal for achieving beta brainwave state

    • Divination

    • Activates and cleanses all Chakra

    • Crown and Third Eye Chakra

    • Help break addictions and cycles of co-dependency by teaching you that you cannot control others motivations

    • Release the caretaker co-dependency

    • Love unconditionally while allowing others to walk their path and let their soul take their own journeys.

    • Helps you to express your gifts as your true self

    Phantom crystal point jewelry for life changes and transitions.  Put the past behind you.  Handmade quartz point healing jewelry.

        Phantom Quartz

    • Transition and life changes

    • Put the past into perspective and point the way towards growth

    • Activates healing ability

    • Recovering repressed memories and accessing the Akashic Records

    • Discover your soul plan and release that which you no longer need

    • Release ingrained patterns

    • Connection with spirit guides 

    • White phantoms transmit light and information between higher realms and earth

    • Enhances meditation

    Rainbow healing crystals for love and cleansing all chakra.  Be happy. Find joy.  Crystals and gemstones by Wicked Stones.

        Rainbow Quartz

    • Draws off negative energy

    • Sending out healing energy to the body and the environment.  

    • Rainbows bring rainbows into the wearer’s life and are very special spirit-keepers of the crystal. 

    • Dealing with negative energy and maintain an “awareness” that love is within the life one experiences at every moment.

    • Cleanse, balance and energize all the Chakra

    • Fill the aura with light

    • Transformation from pain and darkness to light and happiness.

    • New vitality into situations where disappointments were found

    • Forgive the failings of others

    Rutile crystal points and polished healing stones for depression and emotional stability.

        Rutile Quartz

    • Calming energy

    • Uplift your spirits

    • Promotes spiritual growth

    • Aids in channelling or scrying (divination)

    • Letting go of past emotions that no longer support you

    • Support when life changes with fine tuning your intuition so you can see the most productive choices to make

    • Let go of fears, phobias and anxiety

    • Forgive yourself and love who you are - release your self doubts and negativity towards your self

    • Emotional stability in relationships of all kinds 

    • In healing grids  it holds the earth's energy stable

    • Increase your creativity

    Emma Seer Stone for divination and scrying.  Healing crystals in Canada by Wicked Stones.

        Seer Stone Emma Egg 

    • Divination

    • Scrying (fortune telling)

    • Accessing past knowledge

    • Building psychic powers

    • Gaze into the flat polished surfaces while concentrating on visions from the past, present and future.

    Septarian Crystals for support and manifestation.  Be creative and self nurture yourself.  Crystals in Canada by Wicked Stones.

        Septarian Quartz

    • Harmony of your emotions

    • Illumination of ideas and thoughts

    • Support while working with manifestation process to achieve your goals

    • Teaches you patience, tolerance and endurance

    • Helps you to put your creative ideas into action

    • Speaking in public to help you connect to others

    • Self nurturing yourself and caring for others

    • Focusing your energy for healing

    Shaman healing crystal quartz points for powerful protection and changing your life.  Solve problems and face your future with strength.

        Shaman Quartz

    • Protection 

    • Enhances astral and journeying 

    • Visions 

    • Bridging worlds 

    • Helps you to change your life by seeing a path

    • Working with ancestors for learning

    • Compassion for the self

    • Problem solving when seeking an answer

    • Absorbs negative energy and in your environment 

    Elestial Smoky Quartz powerful healing crystals.  Dissolve fears.  Transform your life.  Heal emotional pain.  Natural Elesital crystals by Wicked Stones.

        Smoky Elestial Quartz

    • Change and transformation

    • Dissolves confusion, fears and blocks

    • Powerful purifying negative energy from self and environment 

    • Replaces negative energy with vibrant light

    • Protection from geopathic stress and psychic attack

    • Creating a safe space when gridding

    • Heals past life trauma and helps you to release your personal power from anyone who has enslaved your energy

    • Helps you to see and understand your gifts

    • Heals emotional pain and trauma

    • Powerful physical healing 

    • Resonates with the earth and base chakra while bridging all chakra up to the soul star.

    • Enhances energy through the chakra

    • Prevents nightmares

    • Reduce sadness and low feelings of depression

    • Improves concentration

    Smoky quartz polished and natural crystals for meditation.  Lower stress and let go of fears and depression.
    Twin soulmate healing crystals for hamony and balance in relationships.  Love yourself and self healing crystals by Wicked Stones in Canada.

        Smoky Quartz

    • Powerful grounding Root Chakra

    • Raises vibrations during meditation

    • Lower stress with emotional calmness

    • Neutralizes negative vibes and fills the area with positive energy

    • Let go of what you no longer need in life

    • Relieves fear and depression

    • Reduces fear of failure while building concentration and insight

        Soulmate Twin Quartz

    • Crystal points that are approximately the same size growing together from the same crystal

    • Draw your soul mate to you

    • Attraction and manifestation

    • Harmony in relationships of many kinds (family, love, friendship)

    • Learn how to be unique and yourself in a relationship

    • Learn and trust who you are as a person

    Tangerine healing crystal points for powerful emotional healing and sacral chakra work.  Embrace positive joyful energy by Wicked Stones.

        Tangerine Quartz 

    • Healing after shock and trauma of the soul and psychic attack

    • Restores joy and lighter thoughts

    • Increase optimism

    • Working with the Sacral chakra

    • Creativity

    • Helps you to see beyond what you believe and embrace positive vibrations

    • Courage to move forward and make changes in your life

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