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Crystal healing kits by need or intention made in Canada by Wicked Stones

Crystal Healing Kits

Each kit contains several beautiful healing crystals.  You can work with all in tandem or individually depending on your particular need.  Your kit comes with a small card with the crystals name, picture and information protected in a pouch you can store them in. 

A few suggestions on how you can use them:  Carry them with you as you travel.  Place them in prominent location that is import to you.  For example, if you have a set for protection in the workspace, you could keep them on your desk or in a drawer nearby.  Use your crystals during meditation for focus to quiet busy thoughts and embrace relaxing energy.  When using with spellcrafting, you can use them on your altar or when working with particular intentions. 


Beautiful healing crystal sets both polished and natural.  Handcrafted and handmade in Canada by Wicked Stones.  Choose your healing gemstone set.
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