Choose your Crystal Healing Set in Canada by Wicked Stones
Crystal healing kits by need or intention made in Canada by Wicked Stones

Working with multiple crystals, you get to experience the healing properties and vibrations of crystals working individually as well as in partnership with others.  This can often amplify your intentions and manifestations to a more powerful degree.  

You can choose to work with one from your set or all.  So how do I use them? You can carry them with you as you travel or place them in prominent location that is import to you.  If you have a set for protection in the workspace, you could keep them on your desk or in a drawer nearby.  Use during meditation for focus and relaxation.  Or if you have an altar, combine them into the work you are doing.  

Every single kit comes with an information sheet on your crystals and a small pouch to store them inside of.   Custom kits are available. Just click here to ask, we can look into making one up just for you.