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Rose Quartz

Feel calm.  Feel at peace.  Relax. 

Rose Quartz healing crystals in Canada by Wicked Stones. Feel calm and at peace and know you are loved

Rose Quartz is a beautiful, gentle healing crystal that brings a sense of calm and harmony. It helps to heal emotional hurts and wounds, teaching us to love and accept ourselves as who we are. Rose Quartz can be used to help calm ourselves and bring about a peaceful sleep and good dreams. This gem is a source of comfort and compassion, offering a gentle energy of love and peace to its wearer.

Handcrafted Rose Quartz healing crystals and jewelry made in Canada by Wicked Stones
Handcrafted Rose Quartz healing crystal earrings and Jewelry made in Canada

Rose Quartz Metaphysical Properties


  • Gentle healing energy

  • Good sleep & dreams

  • Help you to love yourself

  • Healing the heart

  • Friendship & love

  • Emotional balance

  • Harmony

  • Dealing with grief

  • Comfort & Compassion

  • Increases imagination

  • Calm your moods

  • Heart Chakra

Rose quartz healing crystal jewelry for emotional balance and healing.  Love yourself.


  • Venus & Angus


  • Water


  • 7


  • Cancer, CapricornLibra & Taurus

Rose quartz healing crystals and gemstones in Canada for heart healing and comfort
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