Dumortierite crystals and jewelry for strength and focus.  Overcome the obstacles you face.


Strength and Courage

Don't let the lemons in your life get you down.  Dumortierite can help you to stay focused and balanced when dealing with tough situations and give you the patience and strength to overcome that which you face.  Be positive and strong.

Dumortierite crystals for strength and courage to face life challanges.  Handmade Dumortierite jewelry by Wicked Stones in Canada

Dumortierite etaphysical Properties


  • Strength

  • Courage

  • Overcoming tough situations

  • Patience

  • Ability to see the best in those around you

  • Help to vocalize your ideas to others

  • Memory

  • Focus and balance

  • Positive attitude when dealing with panic and fears

Dumortierite healing crystals for power to make life changes


  • Air


  • Throat

  • Third Eye


  • Leo

Dumortierite Crystals Available