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Crystal Directory A - Z

Located the crystal you are searching for using our A - Z directory.  Not all of our crystal types are listed in the directory.  You'll find the most popular ones we carry.  You can use the search button to see if we have a more unusual type of crystal in our shop.

Agate crystals and jewelry for calm moods and protection from negative energy in Canada.

Be Calm.
Feel grounded and centered.

Many varieties of Agates.

Apatite healing crystals and jewelry for new beginnings and harmony.

New beginnings.

Rediscover inspiration and creativity.  Harmony. Peace. 

Bronzite healing crystals.  Powerful self esteem, courage and goal setting.

Increase your self esteem.

Feel Courage. 

Set your goals with determination.

Chalcedony healing crystals for harmony and joy.  Feel optimistic and artistic.

Feel more optimism and creativity.  Protection from negative energy. 

Rediscover harmony and joy.

Fluorite healing crystals for powerful confidence and courage during life changes.

Powerful life changing crystal.  Focus and confidence.

Comes in a variety of colours.

Jade healing crystals and jewelry made in Canada

Soothing self healing and serenity.  Abundance and luck.  

Emotional balance and peace.

Kyanite crystals for courage and confidence to change your life at Wicked Stones.

New Beginnings with courage and confidence.  Be creative and find your inner voice to speak your mind.

Moonstone healing crystals for calm energy and soothing stress releif.  Moon ritual crystals by wicked stones.

Harmony.  Hope. Calmness.

Dreams and working with psychic powers.  Ease your tensions. 

Rhodonite healing crystals for self love and confidence.  Feel protected. Healing stones at Wicked stones.

Gentle healer for self care and love.  Forgiveness, confidence and patience.  Protect yourself. 

Sacred super seven 7 healing crystals natural, raw and polished at Wicked Stones in Canada.

 Harmony on so many levels.  Support.  Manifestation.  Change.  Powerful healing. 

Tigers eye healing crystals and jewelry for confidence and success! Face challanges and be strong! Abundance and luck.

Success! Confidence.  Strength and positivity.  Life changes.  Luck and great abundance. 

Amazonite healing crystals and jewelry for joyful energy and calming stress.

Feel joy and happiness.

Know there is hope.

Calm worries and anxiety.

Aquamarine healing crystals and jewelry for healing from emotional wounds and inner power.

Embrace your inner power.

Courage and protection.

Heal from past experiences.

Calcite healing crystals and jewelry

Gentle calming energy.

Support during changes.

Block negative energy. 

Citrine healing crystals polished and natural points for success, high energy and rebirth with joy.  Wicked Stones canada.

Manifest and be successful!

High energy and willpower.

Embrace rebirth with joy!

Geode natural crystals to help you make decisions and find focus.  Be protected.  Natural geodes at Wicked Stones.

Be protected from negative energy.

Focus and decision making.

Great for school studies.

Geode natural crystals to help you make decisions and find focus.  Be protected.  Natural geodes at Wicked Stones.

Be protected from negative energy.

Focus and decision making.

Great for school studies.

Labradorite healing crystals and jewelry made in Canada by Wicked Stones

Find your artist inspiration.  Be creative.  Transformation.  Self growth and heart healing. 

Obsidian healing crystals for releasing grief and negative vibes.

Release grief and sadness.  Protection from negative energy.  Deep emotional healing.

Rhyolite healing crystals and jewelry for self care and love. Find self esteem, be creative.

Wonderful crystal for working on your self esteem and worth.  Be creative.  Find balance. Self care. 

Selenite crystals for new beginnings and life changes. Working with moon lunar energy at Wicked Stones.

New beginnings and life changes. Moon and lunar energy work.  Harmony. Clarity. Psychic work.

Unakite healing crystals for peace and harmony.  Find love and heart healing.  Crystals and jewelry in Canada.

Heart healing.  Peace.

Love and harmony.

Optimism and motivation.

Amethyst healing crystals for releasing stress and manifesting your goals.

Release stress.

Manifest your goals.

Feel protected & strong.

Aventurine healing crystals for luck and abundance.  Increased confidence.

Feel lucky.

Find abundance & prosperity.

Be confident

Carnelian healing crystals and jewelry

Manifest your goals.

Confidence and courage.

You got this! 

Dumortierite healing crystals for life changes.  Be strong and find courage to deal with tough problems.  Wicked stones healing crystals and jewelry.

Life changes and transition.

Strength and courage to get through difficult situations. 

Howlite healing crystals and Jewelry

Gentle calming energy.  Lower stress and anxiety.  Express yourself and rediscover your creativity.

Jasper healing crystals for inner strenght, power and protection.

Inner strength and power.  Powerful protection.  Grounding and stability.

Various Jasper types available.

Malachite healing crystals for breaking life patterns and starting over.

Break old patterns.  Healing wounded heart emotions.  Luck and Abundance.

Learn about the various quartz crystal healing types in our gallery at Wicked Stones.


Harmony and strength.  Changing negative energy to positive.  Many types of crystals in the gallery.

Rose quartz healing crystals for self care and self love.  Jewelry and gemstones in Canada.

Emotional Balance.

Self care and love.

Calming peaceful healing energy.

Sodalite healing crystals for creativity, inspiration and courage during life changes

Be confident.

Find creative inspiration.

Strength during life changes

Black Tourmaline Healing crystals for powerful protection


Powerful protection.

Block negative energy.

Be grounded and strong.

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