Citrine healing crystals and jewelry for success and inner power! High energy and confidence crystals.


Manifest and attraction

You can be successful in all you put your mind towards! Know you have the inner power for confidence as well as the energy and stamina to manifest that which you seek to change.  Be joyful and know you can achieve your goals.  Boost your power!

Citrine healing crystals for attraction, wealth, energy and manifestation.  Handmade citrine jewelry and crystals by Wicked Stones in Canada

Citrine Metaphysical Properties


  • Attract wealth

  • Abundance and luck

  • Vitality and longevity

  • Confidence

  • Cheerful joy

  • Energy and power

  • New Beginnings

  • Protection

  • Good sleep

  • Willpower

  • Success

  • Renewal and rebirth

  • Self work

  • Manifestation

  • Goals

Citrine natural crystal for attracting wealth and success.  Handmande jewelry and gemstones by Wicked Stones in Canada


  • Aries

  • Gemini

  • Leo

  • Libra

  • Scorpio


  • Fire


  • 1 and 6


  • Sacral

  • Solar Plexus

Citrine Crystals Available