Snowflake obsidian healing crystal jewelry for releasing stress by Wicked Stones


Powerful Healing

A powerful crystal for emotional healing and releasing patterns that no longer support your journey.  Let go of grief.  Find peace with your life decisions and be centered and stable. 

Obsidian healing crystals for deep emotional healing and protection by Wicked Stones

Obsidian Metaphysical Properties

Black Obsidian Healing

  • Powerful quick healer

  • Growth and positive change

  • Deep emotional healing

  • Past life healing

  • Letting go of grief and sorrows

  • Release frustration

  • Absorbs stress that's around you to protect you

  • Keeps negative vibes away

  • Blocking geopathic stress

  • Amplifies prophecy and psychic powers

  • Good for vision quests

  • Clarity and breaking up confusion

  • Helps you to see all sides of yourself for healing.

  • CHAKRA:  Root

Mahogony Obsidian  

  • Connects with earth energy

  • Protection

  • More gentle that black obsidian

  • Energizes your purpose

  • Reduce energy blockages

  • Stable energy

Black obsidian crystals to help you to change your life and let go of grief and sorrows
Powerful obsidian healing crystals to let go of sadness and grief

Snowflake Obsidian  

  • Scrying Fortune telling

  • Good fortune

  • Grounding

  • Soothing energy

  • Opens your mind to ingrained patterns you no longer need so you can let them go.  Teaches you the value of lessons.

  • Balance of body, mind and spirit.

  • Meditation

  • CHAKRA: Root

Rainbow Obsidian

  • Powerful protection

  • Helps you to release old relationships that you feel still have a hold on you.

  • Healing of the heart

  • Absorbs negative energy from the aura

  • Helps to draw stress away from the body.

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