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Jasper is a powerful crystal that comes in many varieties and colours.   Each crystal type has its own healing properties that can combine with your intentions.  We carry a wonderful array of Jasper types for you to choose from.  


Many types of Jasper are known for their grounding energy, providing harmony during times of stress.  Jasper is also a powerful protector and brings strength and courage to its wearer. It is often used for attraction and manifestation of desired outcomes. Jasper is a crystal of inner power and strength that can help you take control of your life.

    Jasper Healing Properties

    Brown Picture Jasper healing crystal for reducing stress and hope for the future

    Brown Jasper

    • Harmony and protection

    • Grounding energy

    • Reduce stress

    • Balance

    • Creative visualization

    • Positivity and confidence in your path

    • Positive outlook of the future

    • Emotional healing

    • Embrace your dreams and desires

    • ELEMENT: Earth

    Dalmatian Jasper healing crystal  for protection and strength.

    Dalmatian Jasper

    • Know your strengths

    • Grounding

    • Friendship

    • Loyalty

    • Protection

    • Block nightmares and negative thoughts

    • lifts spirits and moods

    Leopard Jasper healing crystal for will power and wisdom.

    Leopard Jasper

    • power

    • wisdom

    • will power

    • Astral travel

    • Higher energy

    • Insight

    • Animal magick

    Mookaite Jasper crystals for grounding and sheilding of negative energy.

    Mookaite Jasper

    • Grounding

    • Animal magick

    • spirit contact

    • Shields you from negative energy

    • Healing energy in times of stress

    • Strength

    • Meditation

    Ocean Jasper Healing crystals for self love and preventing work burn out

    Ocean  Orbicular Jasper

    • attract abundance & luck

    • Love who you are

    • Protection

    • Peace of mind

    • Promotes good sleep

    • Balance

    • Prevent work burn out

    Red Jasper healing crystals for power and strength

    Red Jasper

    • Energy

    • Courage

    • Stability

    • protection

    • returns negative energy back to sender

    • divination

    • power

    • confidence

    • well being

    • ELEMENT: Fire

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