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Harmony - Peace

Selenite healing crystals and jewelry for inspiration and meditation

Selenite is a beautiful crystal that has a very gentle healing energy. It is perfect for working with new moon energy, goal setting, and new beginnings. This peaceful and calming crystal also helps to block negativity and build psychic communication.


With Selenite, you can open yourself up to new possibilities and create positive change in your life. Be calm and at peace with this powerful crystal.

Selenite Metaphysical Properties

Selenite Healing

  • Love & Partnership

  • Motivation

  • Psychic Communication

  • Lunar moon power

  • New beginnings

  • Rebirth

  • Change of life

  • Peaceful energy

  • Harmony

  • Inspiration

  • Clarity of thought

  • Calming energy

  • Moon energy

  • Blocking negativity

Selenite crystals and meditation crystals for relaxation and calming the energy


  • Water


  • Crown


  • 8


  • Cancer

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