Crystals for your self love and self care journey of healing
Healing crystals for your self love and self care practices.

Self-care and self-love are areas everyone struggles with.  The constant demands of our hectic lives often place these needs at the bottom of our to-do list. Instead of setting a clear end time, we work longer and longer hours. Instead of relaxing, we live with higher stress levels. We all have far too many projects, jobs and tasks on the go. All of our attention is placed externally as we try so hard to be the best, please the most and complete more than anyone else. 

We are all guilty of extending ourselves far past our boundaries and the limits of our body, mind and spirit. The results of which is burnout.  We forget that our *selves* are important too.  Self-care is about taking the steps to be kind to both your mind and body so that you will in a better place to deal with everything you need to work with in your life. When you place self-care your top priority, you give yourself permission to experience self-love and self-worth.  True self-care is never a selfish act. Self-care is an act of unconditional love you gift yourself.  It is the process of setting boundaries with yourself and others. Above all else, self-care is you making an active choice to center on your own needs. True self-care allows you to take the time to rest, rejuvenate and reset in a way that is meaningful to you and for you so that you can move forward with the best version of yourself you have to offer the world.

Self-love is the highest form of self-care.  There are times we need to look inwards to embrace who we are as individuals and realize our vast potential.  Self-love teaches you to accepting your gifts and talents and to know, soul-deep, the extent of your value and worth.  When you commit to self-love, you are setting your intent to care for and nurture yourself in a caring and compassionate manner.   Partnering with your intentions with crystals will add an extra support. When you invite in crystal helpers, they will work with you as you move through your journey of re-building your self-confidence. They will lend you their energy as you grow your feelings of inner worth. Lean on them as you set your emotional boundaries and build individual routines that focus on the needs of your mind and body.  The crystals in this gallery have been chosen to help partner with you on this healing journey to your “self”.