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Divination Jewelry

Every day we ask ourselves questions, seeking answers.   By wearing and or using a crystal pendulum, we can tap into our intuition and inner guides to help us solve problems, discover lost items (dowsing) and find answers.   In our gallery below, you will discover both handmade pendulums for divination work and also necklaces that you can both use for scrying and wear around your neck.

How do I use it?  Take the time to connect with the crystal in the same way you might work with a Tarot deck or fortune telling tools.  When you feel ready, dangle the crystal over a flat surface and ask it to show you "no".  Then "yes". Take note of the direction the crystal swings for each answer.  The crystal's movement reacts to your subconscious and energy on a personal level.  Everyone will have their own movement that attunes to them.    Discover your pendulum from our handcrafted selection below. 

Pendulum and divination jewelry handmade with crystals in Canada by Wicked Stones
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