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Be Confident and Protected

Fluorite healing crystals and jewelry for tension and finding courage to move forward in your life

Fluorite is an amazing crystal of self confidence and protection. It can lower tensions and provide grounding energy, while also providing powerful protection on a psychic level. It stabilizes the aura, allowing for more positive energy to come through. Fluorite is a wonderful aid for studies and school, helping to organize thoughts and lower tensions. It also helps dissolve fixed patterns that block us from growing, so you can be confident in your own strength.

Fluorite Metaphysical Properties


  • Lowers tension

  • Absorb negative or "panic" vibes

  • Helps with meditation

  • Dissolves fixed patterns of behaviour

  • Helps to bring subconscious suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution - breaking old patterns for growth

  • Self confidence

  • Draws out negative energy

  • Protection on a psychic level

  • Grounding

  • Discern when outside influences are at work within yourself and shut down psychic manipulation and unwelcome mental influence

  • Stabilizes the aura

  • Protection from electromagnetic stress

  • Intuition

  • School, studies and learning to help organize and process information and thoughts

Blue and green natural fluorite crystals for creativity and healing

Blue Fluorite

  • Creativity

  • Clear communication

  • Calms energy

  • Amplifies healing potential

  • CHAKRA: Throat

Fluorite Octahedral Crystal for mental blocks and finding solutions to problems

Fluorite Octahedron

  • Natural occurrences with 8 sides

  • Dealing with mental blocks

  • Finding solutions to issues

  • Peace of mind

  • Reduce chaos

  • Speaking your thoughts clearly

Clear Fluorite 

  • Harmony

  • Energizes the aura

  • Aligns chakra by bringing universal energy into the body

  • Enhances the effect of healing when using other crystals

  • Clear vision when confused

Green Fluorite  

  • Growth

  • Ground excess energy

  • Soothing emotional trauma

  • Release old and un-needed mental conditioning 

  • CHAKRA: Heart

Purple Fluorite

  • Introspection

  • Psychic communication

  • Meditation

  • CHAKRA: Crown

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