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Focused action! Take charge!

Bronzite healing crystal for confidence and courage.  Gems at Wicked stones in Canada.

Bronzite is a powerhouse healing crystal that helps you to focus and take charge of the direction of your life. It helps to dispel uncertainty and can be used to stay calm during times of chaos and stress. Bronzite has a very grounded energy that helps to build self esteem and provides a sense of security. It is a great crystal for those looking to take control of their destiny and to make changes in their life.

Bronzite Metaphysical Properties


  • Take charge of the direction you want to take in life

  • Dispel uncertainty

  • See alternate ways

  • Protection

  • Steady nerves

  • Reduce confusion

  • Focused action

  • Grounding and protection

  • Harmony

  • Building self esteem


  • Leo


  • 1


  • Earth


  • Root

  • Sacral

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