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Agate healing crystal for calming moods


Agate crystals are a beautiful addition to your gemstone collection and are known to bring luck, prosperity, protection, and harmony into one's life. They can provide grounding energy during times of stress and help to calm anxieties and sadness. Our handmade jewelry is crafted with stunning polished agate crystals to bring the power of healing into the wearer's life.

We also carry crystal kits that include Agate for intentional healing.   Shop our selection of agate crystal jewelry today to experience its calming and protective energy.

    Discover your healing Agate crystal and jewelry handcrafted in Canada by Wicked Stones

    Types of Agate

    Blue Lace Agate healing properties

    Blue Lace Agate

    • Calming energy

    • Happiness

    • Healing

    • Inspiration

    • Manifestation

    • Spirituality

    • Wisdom

    • Releasing fears

    • Friendship

    • Building relationships

    Botswana Healing Crystal for stress and tension

    Botswana Agate

    • Calm during stress

    • Focus on solutions instead of problems

    • Life transitions

    • Creative thought

    • Problem solving

    • Helps with removing sadness & grief

    • Protection from negative energies

    • grounding & balance

    Crazy Mexican Lace healing Crystal

    Crazy Lace (Mexican) Agate

    • Release and let go of stress

    • See the joy in life

    • Let go of emotional negativity and bitterness of the heart

    • Heal inner anger

    • Release that tension

    Moss Agate healing crystal for hope and self esteem

    Moss Agate

    • Protects the aura

    • Filters negative energy

    • Earth energy

    • Luck

    • Refreshing for the soul

    • See beauty all around you

    • Hope and optimism

    • Increase self esteem

    • Strengthen positive personality traits

    • Release fears & stress

    • Promotes self expression

    Snake Skin Agate healing crystal

    Snake Skin Agate

    • Find your personal strength

    • Dealing with life changes and transitions

    • Courage

    • Inner peace and harmony

    Turitella Agate healing crystals for helpling with transition and life changes

    Turitella Agate

    • Protection

    • Dealing with life changes

    • Transition

    • Grounding energy

    • Focus during stress

    • Clear thought

    • Stability

    • Being open to new ideas and changes

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