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You can feel balanced as the seasons change.  Every time the seasons change, we often get a feeling of melancholyand loss as we move to the next part of our lives.  Agate crystals can help you to feel more balanced and grounded during these times as well as protected when the energy around you gets overwhelming or negative.


They are also handy for a little luck (we can all use a little bit of that!).  This crystal is flat on both sides and has some beautiful patterns and colours.  As you slide it between your fingers, you will also find a few tiny nooks and crannies that go into the heart of your crystal.  The colours are like gentle flames rising.  Your crystal measures 1.5 inches tall by just under 1 inch wide and I have wrapped it using sterling silver wire.

Agate Bring me Luck and Abundance!

SKU: 304AG
Cord Necklace
    • luck
    • prosperity
    • harmony
    • protection
    • balance during times of stress