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Dried Herb, Spell and Apothecary Supplies

Working with herbs is an ancient tradition that we treat with great respect.  We grow and harvest many of our own from our gardens as well as wildcrafted items that are cared for, picked ethically and dried with positive intentions and care.  We value sustainability for nature and never over-pick our plants.  It is extremely important to allow the earth to rest and the plants given time.  We often let our herbals and beds go untouched during drought and hotter-than-usual seasons to allow the birds and insects the first opportunity to use what they need.  Our gardens are located in a colder part of the world with short growing time, so we also source some of our herbals from a trusted Canadian supplier who supports fair trade.

We carry a vast array of dried herbs, flowers, roots, berries, tree (leaf, bark, wood and twigs) and more.  The choices we carry depend upon our garden's health.  Great for your apothecary needs as well as working with herbal magic and spellcrafting.  You will find helpful information with each herb to guide you on your journey.  All All herbs come to you in a zip lock bag in the size that you choose.  As always, we strongly suggest you do your research on the herbs you intend on using as some herbals can cause allergic reactions and or could be dangerous.  We sell our herbals for spell-crafting, ritual and crafting purposes only.

Wildcrafted Mullein herbs at Spiral Sun Herbals in Ontario Canada Apothecary witchcraft supply shop

Mullein from our Fairy Gardens

Wormwood dried for witchcraft and herbal apothecary supply for spell crafting by Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada

Wormwood Garden Grown

Important:  Please note: All of our herbs are for magical, ritual and spell use only. Although many of our products are organic and ISO22000 certified, we stress that all herbs are for external use only as we work in a studio that contains other herbals, plants, berries, florals, resins and woods that may not be safe for internal consumption.  Wicked Stones is not liable or responsible for injury or damage from misuse of our herbal products due to ingestion, allergic reaction, fire damage from burning or any other issues resulting from the use of our herbal products.   Herbs and crystals should not be used in place of medical advice.  We can not guarantee the results and outcome of your spell work and crafting.  We can only supply you with the tools to work with your intentions and positive energies.

Canadian witchcraft dried herbal and crafting supplies. Ritual and magick spell florals and herbs by Sprial Sun Herbals
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