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Super Sacred Seven

Super sacred seven healing crystals and jewelry by wicked stones in Canada

Our Sacred 7 healing crystal jewelry and gemstones, are a beautiful combination of 7 minerals: Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Quartz, Rutile, Goethite, Lepidocrocite and Cacoxenite. These are powerful healers for harmony and working on personal deep life changes.  You can read more about what these types of crystals offer you by scrolling down to read more. 


We carry both polished and natural Sacred Super Seven gems. This special jewelry is perfect for those seeking to increase their spiritual energy and wellbeing.  All of our super seven gems originate from a private collection and once they run out, we will not be offering any more of these amazing gemstones. 

Super Seven Metaphysical Properties

Sacred Seven Healing

  • Powerful healing

  • Harmony and activation of all Chakra and aligning them with high spiritual vibrations.

  • Removing stagnant energy from ourselves and around us

  • Helps you to learn to work with your spiritual gifts

  • Feel more at home with your own self

  • Connection to spirit guides and inspiration

  • Peaceful loving energy

  • Know yourself and your path so you can act rather than react to life's problems

  • Enhancing and building psychic skills

  • Raises vibrations of other crystals you are working with. 

  • Supports the healing for other crystals you are using.

  • Reminds you of the togetherness of the universe.

  • Soothing energy

  • Nurturing vibes

  • Focus on natural healing system of the body

Sacred Seven crystals are said to contain 7 minerals, each with their own healing attributes, but when combined as such, allow you to work with many of their energies at the same time.  They are: 

  • Protective qualities of Amethyst as well as the spiritual connection and power of manifestation.

  • The grounding of Smoky Quartz with the ability to transform and change with calm and balance.

  • Amplifying and powerful healing and protection of Quartz.

  • The calming and supportive energy of Rutile Quartz

  • Goethite brings stability and allows you to let go of emotions and patterns that no longer serve your purpose. Feel inspired and attuned to the healing powers of nature.  

  • Lepidocrocite for soothing energy that helps to block negativity. Aligns and stimulates the Chakra and helps you to align with your soul plan.  You can discover your inner strengths and lose confusion. 

  • Cacoxenite allows you to see the good and bright around you for healing and connection.  Attract positive energy and use during meditation to access your soul memories.  Activates your third eye and crown for new thoughts and ideas.  

Regardless of the size of the crystal, it carries the vibration of the whole crystal teaching you the strength and wonder of connection to all.  A word to the wise, Sacred Seven's energy can sometimes feel overwhelming and it takes time to adjust to how you feel that connection.    You will also discover the occasional polished crystal we have come across in this collection.

Each of the Sacred Super Seven crystals you will discover here at Wicked Stones have come from a private collection that was obtained many years ago in Southern Brazil.  Some of the crystals still contain the earth in the smaller nooks and crannies that have remained tucked into the tiniest corners of the stones.   Every crystal that is raw is untouched by a polishing machine and will be cleansed before being carefully sent to you.

Natural large sacred seven healing crystal for powerful healing of the mind and body.  From Wicked Stones in Canada.
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