Crystal Healing by Intention or Need

Choose your crystal by the healing intention (need) you are seeking from the galleries below.


Calming Energy

You can be calm.  You can let go of the stress of the day.  Meditate. Find Peace.  


Abundance & Luck

Luck will find you.  Your world flows with abundance.  Manifest what you seek and Desire. 


I am here and I can!

When life gets chaotic, you can stand strong.  Feel grounded.  You are in the moment and you can do this!

Love & Friendship

Heal your heart.  Love your own self.  Invite healing energy into your heart. Be Joyful.


New Beginnings

You have it within you to make the changes you seek.  You can be strong.  You will succeed.


I am Sad

There are times we need a crystal companion to help lift sadness & grief to get us through the difficult times.


Energy & Strength

Feel the Energy.  Believe in your strength.  You can overcome obstacles.  You are!


I Need Protection

Block negative energies.  You can feel safe and secure.  Repel negative thoughts and vibes.