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Rhyolite crystals for self esteem and learning to love yourself.  See your potential.

Happiness and Self Esteem

Rhyolite is a beautiful earthy crystal that is perfect for your self care journey. Its happy energy helps to cleanse away negative energy and vibes, while helping you to see your potential and make positive life changes. This crystal is a powerful boost of self-esteem, and is especially beneficial for artists who need creativity and inspiration. Let Rhyolite help you reach your fullest potential

Rhyolite Metaphysical Properties

Rhyolite Healing

  • Self worth & love

  • Creative energy

  • Happiness

  • Cleanse negative vibes and energy

  • Balance

  • Transformation and change

  • Seeing your potential

  • Self esteem 

Rhyolite crystals for self love and care with joy and happiness.
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