Malachite bracelet healing crystals for breaking old patterns and life transformation.


Transform your life 

Allow yourself to let go of the past and change your life.  Stop repeating unwanted patterns and allow your emotions and heart to heal.  Attract abundance and learn to express yourself. 

Malachite crystals for divination and abundance attraction

Malachite Metaphysical Properties


  • Powerful protection

  • Life transformation

  • Break unwanted patterns

  • Empowerment

  • Concentration

  • Self expression

  • Divination and dream work

  • Healing of the heart

  • Helps cleanse the aura

  • Strength and balance

  • Alleviate heartache

  • Attracts love

  • Prosperity and wish making

  • Attracting abundance

  • Luck with money

  • Spiritual growth

Malachite healing crystals and jewelry for personal empowerment and life changes


  • Earth


  • Heart


  • 9


  • Capricorn

  • Libra

  • Scorpio

  • Taurus

Malachite Crystals Available