Brown tigers eye jewelry and crystals for empowerment and confidence in your success.  Be powerful!

Tigers Eye

Courage! Power! Success

Be prepared for battle or confrontation! Know you have the willpower and strength to stand your ground and be protected.  You can succeed in what you set into motion.  Manifest that which you desire! Empowerment! 

Tigers eye healing crystals for empowerment and energy.  You can manifest your desires.  Be lucky and find abundance.

Tigers Eye Metaphysical Properties

Brown Tigers Eye Healing

  • Luck and prosperity

  • Abundance

  • Manifestation

  • Grounding energy

  • Protection & strength

  • Confidence

  • Success

  • Positive energy

  • Willpower and energy

  • Preparing for confrontations or battle

  • Communication

  • Life changes and transitions

  • Strength for battle

  • Cheerful energy 

  • Renewal and rebirth (change)

  • Creativity

Tigers eye healing crystal for manifesting life changes. High willpower and courage.  Be prepared for battle!


  • Fire


  • 4


  • Capricorn

  • Gemini 

  • Leo


  • Brow

  • Crown

  • Sacral

  • Solar Plexus

Tigers Eye Crystals Available