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Natural Raw Crystal Jewelry

Natural raw Fluorite healing crystal pendants made in Canada by Wicked Stones.
Healing Citrine natural unpolished raw healing crystal pendants for luck, abudundance and happy energy. Made in Canada.
Kyanite healing crystals handcrafted in Canada into Jewelry by Wicked Stones
Unpolished raw healing crystal jewelry Watermelon Tourmaline

Our natural (raw unpolished) crystal jewelry is made with love and care, using non polished crystals to create each unique piece.  Every crystal is carefully selected for its powerful healing vibrations and unique shape and feel. Choose your crystal and healing intention from our galleries below, and enjoy the powerful healing of these natural crystals.

    Natural raw unpolished Tourmaline healing crystals made in Canada by Wicked Stones.
    Natural raw Moonstone healing crystals and pendants made in Canada by Wicked Stones.
    Natural raw one of a kind crystal point jewelry handcrafted into pendants by Wicked Stones in Canada
    Blue Apatite and natural raw unpolished healing crystals at Wicked Stones in Canada.
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