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Dried herbs for witchcraft, spellcrating and ritual use. Wildcrafted and fair trade dried herbs in Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals. crafted in Canada.
Spell crafting witchcraft kits.  Magick pagan wicca witch kits to help with your intentions. Ritual kits by Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada.
Witchcraft incense for healing intentions and ritual use.  Offering and gratitude herbs and crystals by Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada.
Pagan witchcraft jewelry handmade in Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals.  Unique wicca wiccan jewelry.
Divination tools made in Canada by Hand. Pendulums.  Pendulum jewelry and divination tools made by Spiral Sun Herbals.
Crystal wands, altar gemstones and mini healing crystals.  Beautiful authentic crystals by Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada.
5 star seller on Etsy since 2014 - We have moved from Etsy to our new home here on Wicked Stones
Welcome to Spiral Sun Herbals.  Canadian witchcraft supply since 2014.  Dried herbs and botanicals, spell supplies, authentic beautiful crystals and jewelry.  Made with love and healing intentions in Canada.

Welcome to Spiral Sun Herbals.   

Thank you to my Etsy friends and clients for following me here.


Since 2014 we have had great experiences with so many awesome buyers on Etsy, but we've decided to take the leap and leave Etsy.  This is our new home and I welcome you to browse here on this new site with our sister website Wicked Stones. We will still be carrying our beautiful lines of handcrafted Canadian made witchcraft tools, herbal supplies, spell kits, gratitude offerings, ritual tools, gorgeous crystals , apothecary supplies and more.  


A bit about Spiral Sun.  We are located in Northern Ontario, many of our herbs have been grown right here in our gardens and wildcrafted locally.  What's key to us, is sustainability and a healthy natural ecosystem.  We never over harvest or herbs and plants and always let our gardens rest before picking.  Due to our location and short growing season, we also offer herbs from that we have sourced from Fair Trade businesses in Canada.    Everything we do is done with love and care for the natural world around us.  Cheers!

Thank you for visiting.

May Odin give you knowledge on your path,
May Thor grant you strength and courage on your way,
And may Loki give you laughter as you go.


Blessings to all and may the wind favour you in your travels...

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