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Self love and Peace

Rhodonite crystal healing jewelry for self care routines and lowering stress by Wicked Stones

Rhodonite crystals are a gorgeous natural pink gemstone that encourages self care and self love. It helps to reduce anxiety and can work with your intentions to help you to learn to forgive yourself - which brings harmony and emotional balance into your life. Rhodonite is very calming and imparts patient energy, and can be used in meditation and to help you face your challenges with greater confidence. It can also provide emotional support and protection from negative energy.

Rhodonite Metaphysical Properties

Rhodonite Healing

  • Confidence

  • Self love

  • Working on your self

  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Learn from past mistakes

  • Forgive yourself

  • Harmony

  • Balance emotions and support

  • Grounding

  • Facing challenges

  • Protection from negative energy

  • Banish negative vibes

  • Meditation

  • Patience

Rhodonite healing crystals for self care and reducing stress and anxiety in your life.


  • Air


  • Heart

  • Root


  • Taurus


  • 9

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