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I'm ready!  This is the time!  You have made the decision that it's time to step upon a path where you are going to live your dreams. Manifest your future and set your goals you plan on attaining along the way.


Partner with these healing crystals when you are beginning something new.  It could be a new project, a job, a life change or even habits you are wanting to break.  If you work with New Moon energy, these crystals would work well to help align you to this moon's energy for positive growth.   Release negativity and embrace change.  Set your goals and move towards them with positivity.  You can also download our free Manifestation Journal Page PDF here or have a peek at it at the bottom of this page.

Free Manifestation Journal Page

Download your Free Daily Manifestation Journal Page from Wicked Stones healing crystals

Don't forget to grab your free Daily Manifestation Journal Page.

You can use our free downloadable Manifesting Journal PDF Template and print it for your personal use. This type of template gives you a starting point to work with as you grow with your manifestation techniques.  You can also use this as a guide to creating your own prompts in an existing journal you may use.


Our template is completely free to download and use and would work beautifully hand in hand with your crystal healing.  It is for personal use only and we welcome you to share it with a link provided to our website.

Just click on the download button on the top right of the preview or use this link to directly download your copy. 

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