Beautiful sparkles will dazzle around your wrist as you go about your day wearing this Agate bracelet.   Your beads are in a roundel shape and faceted, which means that there are many many areas that the light will catch your crystals and shimmer and shine back at you.  

These stones are a vibrant pink and have been dyed to achieve the pretty colours you see.  Between the crystals are 3 pink swarovski crystals that reflect the light beautifully.  I have added single silver metal beads between each of your gems to space things apart so the bracelet has flow as you wear it.


Your bracelet has been hand crafted using a very flexible inner cord stand of 49 tiny wires (Beadalon).  The size is just over 7 inches and is not adjustable so please measure your wrist to make sure this will fit you.  You will notice that there is room on the bracelet - that's to ensure that the beads never get too tight around your wrist and cause stress on the inner pieces that hold it together. 

    Agate Pink Faceted: I need luck in my life bracelet

    SKU: B27
    • Agate Crystal Healing


      • grounding energy (staying calm in tense situations)
      • balance and stability
      • luck and abudanace
      • prosperity
      • protection

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