Powerful energy stones to help you reach inside of yourself and find the ability to move forward with your life!  This kit has the exact stones you see in the photos above. These particular semi precious gemstones have been carefully chosen for their energy to help bring about higher levels of motivation, energy, and success in your ventures.  


This kit is a bit more expensive as the Labradorite crystal is really incredible.  It's got intense deep blues and such an interesting surface that's a mixture of polished beauty and bumpy areas. It's truly majestic!  Hold it in the sunlight and wow, does this crystal shimmer!

Your crystals come carefully packaged in their own bag with a small information card.


Carnelian (1 inch long) Offers high energy both physically and mentally.  Feel powerful and strong.  Know you can do what you set out to achieve.  


Leopard Jasper (1 1/2 inch long spotted stone)  Feel rejuvenated and feel your will power rise.  Invite the energies you need into your life, not what you want.


Fluorite (almost 1 1/2 inches long) Supportive crystal when you need inner endurance for life's obstacles.  Balanced energy.


Labradorite (very blue!) 1 1/4 inches long.  Stunning dark blue!!  Feel motivated and full of energy for new growth! Be inspired and know you can do this!

High Energy Motivation Healing Crystal Set


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